Here’s a selection of testimonials from clients, that demonstrate the variety of people and problems hypnotherapy can help with.

Jess 2016

I was suffering problems with coping with my exams, and the exam environment.

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me. I received my GCSE results last week and I honestly couldn’t be happier, receiving

A* Art
A* English Language
A* English literature
AA Science
A Maths
B German

I must say, this is all down to the help I received from you, and just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your help. Thank you so much Linda; really, just thank you.

Steven 2016

My misconception about hypnotherapy was that it was something that was done to you, and that it may leave unwanted triggers in your mind. This is not the case.

What Linda offers is not a gimmick, with her medical background her purpose and manner are sincere and caring. She helps people overcome habits and issues. After an initial consultation, Linda created a bespoke course of treatment for me.

I always felt that I was in control of the process, with Linda helping me to achieve my goals. Linda and I spent time discussing what I wanted to achieve, how I had or hadn’t made progress and what we could do next.

I can sincerely recommend Linda’s approach for taking control of your habits and generally feeling more positive about life.

John 2016

I thought I’d try hypnotherapy with a slightly sceptical (part of my problem) but open mind, to try and give my battered confidence a bit of a boost.

After four sessions with Linda, not only has my confidence greatly improved, but I now also have a far more positive happier outlook on life.
Thanks Linda

Natalie 2016

Sometimes you think that you know the problem, I thought mine was I wanted to lose weight??

What I really needed was to take control of my life and get all areas in order.

Linda helped me to find ways to exercise more and eat healthier. After 5 sessions I have so much energy, I am eating better, sleeping well and exercising every day.

I am someone who always thought I was in control and now thanks to Linda I really am!!

Kate 2015: Weight Loss

“My weight has been slowly increasing over many years … really since having children.  I had tried Weight Watchers, tried taking up running and tried calorie counting but nothing really seemed sustainable or right for me.

I had contemplated hypnotherapy but was very wary and scared that I would lose control and past ghosts would come to haunt me.

I met Linda when she came and spoke to us in College about hypnotherapy.  I immediately felt very comfortable in her company and at ease and she allayed all my fears.  She explained the basis of hypnotherapy and then gave us all a little “taster”.  Her soft, lilting Scottish accent was so soothing and the experience so relaxing that I felt confident enough to contact her privately.  I had a free consultation in her rooms in Leicester where we had  a cuppa and chatted about me, what I felt my issues were and what I wanted to resolve.  It was so relaxed and with Linda I felt very reassured and comfortable.  My main issue surrounded “snacking” and generally eating too much.  Linda was confident that she could help and so I booked a session.

The rest is history really; I have seen Linda several times over the last 9 months and she has helped me to resolve a few issues … but most importantly I continue to lose weight (14kg and counting) dropped almost 2 dress sizes and left the “obese” range on the BMI scale.  The way my confidence and self-worth have improved is a very welcome added bonus!

I would wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy with Linda as a relaxing, comfortable, non-evasive and enjoyable route to becoming a better you … she’s fab!”


Marie 2015: Weight Loss

I used Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy to help me to take control of my overeating.  Linda really took the time to find out about possible reasons being my eating habits and suggested a suitable timeframe for me to overcome this through hypnotherapy.

Linda provided reassurance throughout the whole process and fully explained what would happen and how hypnotherapy works.  I was amazed with the results after only the first session and for the first time in my life, I feel in control of my food choices and very grateful for the freedom that this has given me.

I have gone on to recommend Linda to friends and family and I know those that visited her have been as equally impressed as I was.

If you are looking for a way to take back control of a habit that is taking over your life, then Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy would be the perfect way to do this”.


Ebony Mai 2015: Habit

After having an awful experience in a previous job, which led to a bad habit I needed to kick, I decided to try hypnotherapy as a last option.

We had a mini group session at work so I knew that it wouldn’t take me long to ‘focus’ and with Linda’s guidance, my first session was booked and a plan was put into place to help me kick the habit.

I had two sessions in total and a follow up appointment to check on m progress … Linda provided excellent value for money when she put ‘confidence, self esteem and positivity’ into each of my sessions to help me consciously use these for the better …

Linda was supportive and fully understanding throughout the whole process, in sessions and out of sessions via email and phone calls.  I also had 2 cd’s to listen to and ‘homework’ which really helped … I still use my cd’s and do my ‘homework’ task when needed.

It’s been 9 months since my last session.  I’ve broken my habit and I couldn’t recommend Linda highly enough for what she has done for me.

I will definitely be returning should I need to overcome any other ‘habits’.


Gerri 2015: Exercise Motivation

“For health reasons I had to make changes in my life!

I needed to lose weight and exercise more which I was finding difficult to do alone.  I spoke to Linda about how hypnotherapy could help my motivation to reach my goals.  I found Linda easy to talk to and she worked hard to understand my individual needs.

Hypnotherapy has been an enjoyable experience and has helped m make and sustain life changes.

I would highly recommend Linda, give it a try you will be amazed”.

Amy 2014: Relationship Breakup

“After an unexpected break up with who I thought was ‘the one’, I was struggling to accept and overcome the initial pain & rejection. This came at the same time my Grandma passed away, so I was feeling low and exhausted.

I visited Linda for help with the negative thoughts & feelings I had. She made me feel very welcome and listened to everything I had to say, without judgement. I never really talk to anyone about things that bother me but I felt completely comfortable with Linda.

As I was explaining my story, Linda helped to point out things that may have been underlying issues which could affect how I deal with everyday things which are ‘out of my control’, a relationship ending being one of them.

I used to tend to overthink a lot of situations but with Linda’s help, my mind doesn’t go into overdrive and I focus on what matters.

Since the two hypnotherapy sessions, I have got back to the gym, which I originally sacrificed when I was with my ex. I also practice meditation & self-hypnosis, which Linda taught me. Being on the go all the time with my work & social life, I definitely feel the benefits of having some ‘me’ time and relaxing with the meditation.

I highly recommend Linda, which I have to many friends & family, I can’t thank her enough”

Clare 2014: Habit

” Thanks to your help I’m doing great 🙂 (one session over a year ago and still doing fine)”

Payal 2014: Anxiety

“I decided to give hypnotherapy a try after going through a very traumatic time in my pregnancy that led to chronic anxiety.

Linda Stewart was extremely reassuring and put me at ease from our very first meeting. I noticed a huge difference in my behaviour after my first session and subsequent sessions continued to benefit my state of mind and anxieties. Linda also gave me a few coping strategies that were very helpful.

I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy and Linda in particular.”


Peter 2014: Phobia

“I asked Linda to help a friend with a specific problem which was having a disruptive effect on their life, a phobia to be specific which meant they felt unable to go on holiday. I accompanied them to see Linda and after an initial consultation, Linda recommended one to two hypnotherapy sessions with specific help to ‘overcome’ their phobia and deal with it’s cause. My friend had two sessions, with homework: techniques to practice on their own… and last week went on holiday!!!

I recommend Linda Stewart on the basis of this outcome, the fact my friend is full of praise for Linda’s understanding and technique, plus the fact they have now been on holiday and are planning to go abroad this summer!”


Haidee 2014: Weight loss and Lifestyle

“Linda Stewart has the most, calming, caring serenity I have ever come across, I have learnt so much about myself since using Linda’s hypnotherapy, it has helped me with my weight and more, so please give her a call, I so highly recommend.”


Jenny 2014: Weight loss and Lifestyle

“For years I’ve struggled with my weight and have tried a number of diets. I decided to have hypnotherapy and made an appointment with Linda. Hypnotherapy has helped with way I think about my food and eating habits without consciously feeling like I was doing anything different. In the first two weeks I lost 8 lbs My family and friends have noticed a difference with my weight and how my attitude has changed towards food.

I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy to others”


Beckie 2014: Life Event

“Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy has provided a fantastic hypnotherapy experience for me. These words are simply insufficient as an explanation of the difference Linda has made to me personally.

Linda put me at ease and tackled things at my pace, with empathy and sensitivity to my personal needs and problems, she has continuously offered support, practical advice and lots of useful resources.

Linda has enabled me to deal with a variety of issues and made me realise, understand and empower me to change things about my own life. I now feel more in control and able to deal with the challenges I face.

I strongly recommend Linda Stewart as a highly professional person that can help all sorts of people to deal with all sorts of problems. A very special lady indeed. “


Carla 2014: Weight loss and Lifestyle

“I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. I wasn’t sure what it was or what it entailed but I was overweight and comfort eating and I needed to face it. For years I’d told myself eating was my crutch. Everyone has one don’t they? Smoking, drinking, eating? Their way of coping with life’s stresses.

I knew what I needed to do. Eat healthily. Eat less. Weight Watchers perhaps? I didn’t really want  to though. Making that change in my behaviour meant understanding it and I never seemed to be ready for that. But I was not the person I wanted to be.

I’d heard about hypnotherapy and researched it. I was impressed by Linda’s website and the breadth of issues she worked with. Her credentials and extensive experience were excellent and the friendly face that looked back at me from the page reassured me so I got in touch. I was ready to take the journey to change.

Sessions with Linda were totally confidential and relaxed and we explored my deep rooted issues, guiding her as to the appropriate therapy for me. Linda was so easy to talk to. She never judged but just understood and was insightful. I learnt so much about myself and why I did what I did. Hypnosis did indeed feel natural and pleasant. The mindfulness relaxation techniques were particularly helpful and something I could practice all the time. My journey to being the person I knew I could be – recognising the person I was all along- was underway and I’ve never regretted it. I am now more in control of my emotions and my responses. I’m happier, calmer, healthier, slimmer and fitter for the first time in a long time. Hypnotherapy with Linda was not just about me losing weight. It has helped me establish better life habits – and using them to be the person I want to be.”


Jolly 2015: Eating problems

Linda Stewart Hypnotherapy Testimonial

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