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Are you struggling to move on?

Are you struggling to move on?

Are you struggling to move on from….. • Relationship breakup • Bereavement • Being bullied • an unexpected event Hypnotherapy can help, for a FREE consultation and make that first step towards change, call 07920000177 Book FREE consultation now.    

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Want to reduce stress and have a better lifestyle?

Stressed professional

Hypnotherapy can help you make a positive change to your lifestyle. • Better work life balance • Less procrastination • Improve time management • Able to take control • Enjoy life If you want to change your cycle of planning,

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Want to ditch the drink & improve your lifestyle?

ant to ditch the drink and improve your lifestyle?

Is this your life? “On Sunday evening I’m full of plans for the coming week, on Monday I’ll start eating healthily, exercise regularly, be less stressed at work and home and not drink during the week. By Wednesday I’ve cracked

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Should you or Shouldn’t you?

All these statements carry the same message – something isn’t going to happen.   “I should try to get more exercise…” “I shouldn’t eat so much junk food…” “That shouldn’t be allowed to happen…” “They should make a law against

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Lack of acceptance causes pain, of that there can be no doubt. There’s that prayer about changing those things that can be changed, accepting those things which cannot be changed, and having the wisdom to know the difference. An important

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Feeling’s don’t lie

How many times might you have thought – even said – I shouldn’t feel like this? Most people do, at some point or another. And yet it is a totally invalid statement – if you ‘shouldn’t’ feel like that, then

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If we all had to be answerable to some kind of ‘relationships trade descriptions’ board, then most of us would be guilty of false promotion! It’s very easy to complain that your partner has changed since you were first together,

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Engage brain before opening mouth!

I’ve often heard the saying ‘Engage brain before opening mouth!’ but I wonder if you ever thought about the fact that as you behave towards others tells them what will affect YOU under similar circumstances? This might not seem so

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You make me sick

Many people say ‘You make me sick’ to somebody in an argument… but hopefully this article will help you reconsider using this statement. Truth is, though, that nobody can MAKE you feel anything, Now, many people want to argue with that statement, believing that

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Comings and Goings

Comings and goings! It’s an interesting thought… throughout your life, you will meet people and lose touch with people. You’ll make friends – and enemies. You will have some great friends that will be around for years, maybe even for

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