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Should you or Shouldn’t you?

All these statements carry the same message – something isn’t going to happen.   “I should try to get more exercise…” “I shouldn’t eat so much junk food…” “That shouldn’t be allowed to happen…” “They should make a law against

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Feeling’s don’t lie

How many times might you have thought – even said – I shouldn’t feel like this? Most people do, at some point or another. And yet it is a totally invalid statement – if you ‘shouldn’t’ feel like that, then

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So what do you want?

If you want to achieve your wishes and desires, it’s important that you learn how to think in terms of what it is that you want, rather than what you DO NOT want. Yes, an understanding of what you don’t

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If we all had to be answerable to some kind of ‘relationships trade descriptions’ board, then most of us would be guilty of false promotion! It’s very easy to complain that your partner has changed since you were first together,

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Let it go!

There are many times in life when something happens about which we feel mightily aggrieved. At those times, we might well look around us for the support of others, seeking one of those glances that says: “Yes, I know how

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This time, we’ll begin with a look at an interesting and extraordinarily powerful word. BUT… one of the most powerful words in the English Language. Used wisely it can empower, enlighten and inspire. Used UNwisely (as it almost always

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Relationship work

Many times, relationship problems bow up ‘out of nowhere’, often because a few basic rules of sharing life and home with another individual are often either misunderstood or ignored completely. Here are three useful pointers: In an argument (and we

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Life Dumps

Sometimes, life play one of its cosmic jokes and dumps on us – big time. Well, there are several ways we can help ourselves to cope with those occasions… We can assume and believe that life does things FOR us

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Blame it on Australopithecus!

People used to say (and still do!) “I blame the parents…” Well, the reason why many of us are the way we are probably has a lot more to do with relatives that are just bit further back than our

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Engage brain before opening mouth!

I’ve often heard the saying ‘Engage brain before opening mouth!’ but I wonder if you ever thought about the fact that as you behave towards others tells them what will affect YOU under similar circumstances? This might not seem so

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