Ego-tune Exercise

This is a simple Ego-tune exercise.

Sit quietly and close your eyes, breathing steadily for a minute or two… then visualise your central core, the very centre of your entire body, running from the top of your head all the way down through past your navel… it can be like a precious metal, like a huge jewel, like a misty vapour, a fluid, a waterfall… it can be hollow or solid, narrow or wide… the important thing is, it must please you.

Now imagine that you are in the exact centre of that central core; this is the place where the REAL you lives, in the centre of your world… and if anybody ever tried to teach you, when you were young, that the world doesn’t revolve around you… then forget it, because it does now. You world revolves around you because if it doesn’t, it will revolve around somebody else – but this is YOUR world and you are in charge of it, and that is exactly as it should be.

Now place everybody you know, where they fit into your world… some people might be very close in to you, almost sharing that same space that you are in… others might be so distant that you realise they have very little effect upon you… and it can surprise you when you discover where your mind automatically places some of the people that you know. And you might want to change the place that somebody is in and that’s fine… don’t fight it, don’t take notice of what you think you OUGHT to feel or where you OUGHT to place somebody… just notice, in this private place, where your mind WANTS to put them, and accept that that’s exactly the right place, at this moment… and when you’ve finished placing everybody you can think of, just enjoy the feeling of being in the exact centre of your world for a few moments, before you just allow yourself to open your eyes when you are ready to do so.

You can do that exercise in a few minutes, when you get used to it – but be prepared to discover that some people seem to change their position in your life and the way that they can affect you, over a period of time!

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  1. […] And the point of all this is that, amongst all this coming and going there is one person that is constant and always there for the whole of your life… YOU. You are the only you that you have and you are the most reliable person in your life – so it pays to look after you as well as you can. Here’s a good exercise you can do easily.  Ego-tune Excercise […]

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