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Is your fear of flying holding you back?

Is your fear of flying holding you back?

20-40% of the population experience anxiety whilst flying, its one of the most common phobias. Although this anxiety can seem irrational to us, our unconscious mind may create anxiety as it thinks it is protecting us. Protecting us is the

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Want to ditch the drink & improve your lifestyle?

ant to ditch the drink and improve your lifestyle?

Is this your life? “On Sunday evening I’m full of plans for the coming week, on Monday I’ll start eating healthily, exercise regularly, be less stressed at work and home and not drink during the week. By Wednesday I’ve cracked

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If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again

So says the old proverb. There are many things wrong with that concept, not the least of which is that you can spend ages TRYING to do something. The very concept of TRYING to do something suggests that it is

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Should you or Shouldn’t you?

All these statements carry the same message – something isn’t going to happen.   “I should try to get more exercise…” “I shouldn’t eat so much junk food…” “That shouldn’t be allowed to happen…” “They should make a law against

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Lack of acceptance causes pain, of that there can be no doubt. There’s that prayer about changing those things that can be changed, accepting those things which cannot be changed, and having the wisdom to know the difference. An important

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Feeling’s don’t lie

How many times might you have thought – even said – I shouldn’t feel like this? Most people do, at some point or another. And yet it is a totally invalid statement – if you ‘shouldn’t’ feel like that, then

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So what do you want?

If you want to achieve your wishes and desires, it’s important that you learn how to think in terms of what it is that you want, rather than what you DO NOT want. Yes, an understanding of what you don’t

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If we all had to be answerable to some kind of ‘relationships trade descriptions’ board, then most of us would be guilty of false promotion! It’s very easy to complain that your partner has changed since you were first together,

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You’d better believe it!

Something that is bandied around a lot, but not always fully understood, is the importance of the belief and expectation system that we all have. “Believe it, expect it – and you’ll find it!” many a self-help book or therapist

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Let it go!

There are many times in life when something happens about which we feel mightily aggrieved. At those times, we might well look around us for the support of others, seeking one of those glances that says: “Yes, I know how

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