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Should you or Shouldn’t you?

All these statements carry the same message – something isn’t going to happen.   “I should try to get more exercise…” “I shouldn’t eat so much junk food…” “That shouldn’t be allowed to happen…” “They should make a law against

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Feeling’s don’t lie

How many times might you have thought – even said – I shouldn’t feel like this? Most people do, at some point or another. And yet it is a totally invalid statement – if you ‘shouldn’t’ feel like that, then

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Ego-tune Exercise

This is a simple Ego-tune exercise. Sit quietly and close your eyes, breathing steadily for a minute or two… then visualise your central core, the very centre of your entire body, running from the top of your head all the

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Comings and Goings

Comings and goings! It’s an interesting thought… throughout your life, you will meet people and lose touch with people. You’ll make friends – and enemies. You will have some great friends that will be around for years, maybe even for

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